Idiomacy of English vs Russian

tpic33_globeYesterday late in the evening on the Business English lesson learning the idioms one of the students noticed that all English idioms are kind of inverse of Russian idioms.

Hm, I have looked as some of it. Here is the result. Russian variant is presented like word-for-word  translation, to demonstrate the difference in mentality.

English variant: stick and carrot policy.

Russian variant : lash and cake policy.

Then to my mind came several idioms from Business English.

English variant: dog-eat-dog.

Russian variant: snake-eat-snake.

In one of the recent posts of OUP blog was mentioned an idiom – to shoot the puppy.

Russian variant would be the same with the only exception of the animal, instead of puppy there is a horse.

And finally one of my favourite idioms, to be a wet blanket.

Russian variants sounds as to be a rag.

So, two languages-two worlds. 🙂

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